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Good things come in small sizes!

Home sweet home: our range kera.home is proof that size doesn't matter – and shows how you can turn a guest bathroom into a genuine oasis of well-being. The express delivery range is the right choice if you are looking for plenty of storage space without missing out on the aesthetics. The cabinets, highboards and washbasin units are available in various colours and with a bar handle in elegant chrome.

kera home
kera home
Ceramic washbasins
Ceramic countertop washbasin, white
No. 520 Bar handle, chrome
Front / carcase decors
Stone grey matt
Cosmos grey matt
Noble white matt / white matt
Quartz grey matt
Titanium grey matt
Anthracite high gloss
Polar white high gloss / white high gloss
Concrete look
Halifax oak
Charleston oak
Cuneo oak brown
Cuneo oak natural
cardiff oak
Natural oak effect
Sand oak