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A genuine storage miracle

Perhaps a little more? Our range knows what it wants. It loves a clear style and sophisticated details, and reveals itself to be a true organiser. Whether you prefer 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 or 1200 mm, thanks to the various set widths, Feo has plenty of space for large and small bathroom utensils. 

You also have the choice between a Stoneplus and a ceramic washbasin.

Ceramic double washbasins, white
Ceramic washbasins, white
STONEPLUS washbasins, white
No. 590
Bar handle, chrome
No. 529
Handle strip, chrome
No. 538
Handle strip, matt aluminium
No. 539
Handle strip, matt black
Front / carcase decors
Concrete look
Stone grey matt
Cosmos grey matt
Noble white matt / white matt
Quartz grey matt
Titanium grey matt
Anthracite high gloss
Polar white high gloss / white high gloss
black oak
Halifax oak
Charleston oak
Cardiff oak
Cuneo oak brown
Cuneo oak natural
Charleston oak dark
Natural oak effect
Sand oak