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For your bathroom plans: you can download the app or the list of types and connection dimensions here.

The new LAGUNA BATHROOM PLANNER APP, available free on any tablets with ANDROID and iOS operating systems. Simply download, register and start your individual plans!

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Googleplay Store:


Type list

Type list Feo[1 MB] 
Type list Kera.Round[1 MB] 
Type list Kera.Time[1 MB] 
Type list Laola[1 MB] 
Type list Lifeplus[1 MB] 
Type list Loft[1 MB] 
Type list Magic[1 MB] 
Type list Manhattan[1 MB] 
Type list ModernClassic[1 MB] 
Type list Platino 2.0[1 MB] 
Type list Platino 2.0 Guests[1 MB] 
Type list Reflex[1 MB] 
Type list Wings[1 MB] 
Type list Kera.Home[1 MB] 
Type list Pronto[1 MB] 
Type list Joy[1 MB] 
Type list Brio[1 MB] 
Type list High Line 150[1 MB] 
Type list High Line 250[1 MB] 
Type list High Line 300[1 MB] 

Connection dimensions

Installation dimensions Feo[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Kera.Time[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Laola[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Lifeplus[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Loft[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Magic[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions ModernClassic[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Reflex[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Wings[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Platino[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Kera.Home[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Facto[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Pronto[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Joy[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions Brio[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions High Line 150[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions High Line 250[1 MB] 
Installation dimensions High Line 300[1 MB]