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HighLine 150

Appealing right down the line

The range Highline 150 combines timeless elegance with unique premium quality. Optimally matched front decors harmonise with exclusive ceramic washbasins, and show your bathroom furniture at its very best. The washbasin "Squared", which has recently also become available as a trendy washbasin unit, is extremely popular.

And for those who prefer a slightly more filigree look: our washbasin "Till" delights with its clear lines and harmonious shapes.

High Line 150
High Line 150
High Line 150
Ceramic double washbasin "Squared"
Ceramic washbasin "Squared" in various widths
Ceramic washbasin "Till" in white
High Line 150
Handle profile in carcase decor
High Line 150
Front / carcase decors
Concrete look
Cosmos grey matt
Noble white matt / white matt
Quartz grey matt
Titanium grey matt
Polar white high gloss / white high gloss
black oak
Halifax oak
Cardiff oak
Cuneo oak brown
Cuneo oak natural
Charleston oak dark
Natural oak effect
Sand oak