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We present our new products 2023!

The new decors Cuneo Oak Brown, Cuneo Oak Natural, Charleston Oak Dark and Oak Black provide even more individuality in bathroom design. Further complementary cabinets now store your utensils even more stylishly.

New surface mirrors and vanity units with stylish open compartments await you in our Highline series!

You can also look forward to a new, high-quality ceramic furniture washbasin in our Magic range, which is available as a double washbasin, single washbasin or with a practical shelf.

Continue with our overview of new products - have fun discovering them!

Innovations in the programme PLATINO 2.0

Planning programme PLATINO 2.0
Porcelain ceramic washbasin tops in 4 new colours
Tall units with slide-in shelf
Solid oak panel
new décor: Cuneo natural oak
Porcelain ceramics Nero Zimbabwe Riverwashed
Handleless cabinet versions
Planning programme PLATINO 2.0
Minimal depth planning elements
new decor: structure black
Setback for rooms with reduced depth

Innovations in the programme MAGIC

Ceramic washbasin Q!Flat
new mirror cabinet elements
Ceramic double washbasin Q!Flat
new decor: Cuneo oak brown
Ceramic washbasin Q!Flat with extension left/right

Innovations in the programme REFLEX

Planning programme REFLEX
Illuminated compartment
in Vanity unit
Planning programme REFLEX
Asymmetric drawer
Guest bathroom
Guest washbasin made of STONEPLUS

Innovations in the programme NEO

new decor: Cuneo oak brown
Front flush shelving
new decor: Cuneo Oak Natural
Integrated compartment in mirror cabinet

Innovations in the HIGHLINE programmes

Solid oak top
new mirror cabinet elements
Illuminated compartment in vanity unit